Accountability Reports

The FilterPak reports and accountability portion of the program give administrators a foolproof way to monitor Internet activity on their computer(s). The reports are stored on our servers so they can be accessed anywhere, from any browser.

The Activity Reports feature allows the administrator to monitor the web traffic that takes place through the FilterPak. From any computer, just log on with your administrator user name and password and see exactly what each of your profiles is doing. Every night, the requests made by customers who have opted to have the reporting feature are logged by this system and the rest are discarded. Your activity logs are password protected and are not viewed by any other customers.The Summary Report will display an alphabetical listing of each site that was visited during the date range. If the URL is a known pornographic website, a red “X” will appear to the left of the URL. By clicking on the linked URL on the Summary Report, you will see each of these hits in the order that they happened on the Detail Report. Use this report to see each hit that was made to a web site. You can click these links to see the exact image or web page that was viewed by the computer user.

Another feature of the reports is the ability to have an accountability partner. This free optional feature allows you to email a friend with a report of your Internet activity.