Note: You must have already signed up for a free trial or already have an account before installing FamilyConnect FilterPak. If you do not already have an account, contact one of our partners and signup before installing.

A user with Administrator privledge is required to complete the installation. If you are not logged in as an administrator user on your computer, you may need to switch to an administrative user before proceeding.

  1. Download the newest version of FilterPak now and save it to a safe place on your computer, such as your Desktop.
  2. Double click the downloaded file to execute the installer.
  3. The first window shows general information regarding the installation. Click Next >.
  4. The installer will ask for the FilterPak Administrator Login and Password. If you already created an account, click Next >. If you do not have an account, then click the “If you don’t have an account, click here to CREATE A NEW ACCOUNT” link.
  5. Enter the destination for the installation. It is strongly recommended that you accept the default location. Click Next >.
  6. The installer will ask for the name of the program manager group to which the FilterPak should be added. It is strongly recommended that the default value be be used. Click Next >.
  7. The installer will then give the user one more chance to back out of the installation or go back to change information. Click Next >.
  8. Click Finish > after the installation is complete.
  9. Click OK to restart the computer so the changes will take effect.
  10. After reboot, you will be prompted to select a login profile and enter the login password (you may have to launch a web browser for the prompt to display). Consult your signup confirmation email for this information.